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Ayurveda, the traditional healthcare system of India, is a complete and holistic system that comprises preventive and therapeutic aspects. It has a defined diagnostic system covering all physiological functions and organs, as well as specific treatments and management techniques for each disease. Although Ayurveda is thousands of years old, many of its core principles are consistent with modern medicine. Ayurvedic medicine offers a wealth of effective, safe, and economic therapies.

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Ayurvedic medicine teaches us to see the world as it relates to the elements—or doshas—of vata, pitta, and kapha. According to Ayurveda, everyone is born with a mixture of these three doshas. Determining your doshic constitution is the first step towards finding your optimal state of balanced, natural health. After an in-depth consultation and questionnaire, we will be able to determine your biological individuality, or doshic constitution, and imbalances. The Ayurvedic individualized protocol will return your body back to your optimal state of health through customized nutrition, herbs, breath work, and lifestyle recommendations. Ayurveda also uses techniques to cleanse, nourish, and strengthen the body to prevent further decay and diseases.


n a world where healthcare is one-size-fits-all, Ayurveda takes a close and detailed look at each person and their own biological individuality, followed by personalized care. We are one holistic being—every single part of our bodies is intricately connected—so the body-mind-soul integration brought by the Ayurvedic approach is essential for an ideal wellbeing. Ayurveda encourages you to be an active participant in your own journey toward healing. The ultimate goal is to give you the tools and education to maintain a lifestyle that is in sync with your unique constitution and with the natural seasons and cycles.

Allow me to guide you to be the best version of you through personalized nutrition, herbs, self-massage, and meditation.

Let's set up a 20-minute, free discovery phone call to get to know each other.


Grazie Prokopetz is a Doctor of Ayurveda (Sai Ayurvedic Institute, Miami, FL) who has acquired a vast knowledge in Ayurvedic lifestyle, herbs, nutrition, and mental healthcare through her extensive education and professional practice. She believes in the importance of listening to your health history and life story in order to obtain a holistic understanding of the issues that have been keeping you from being your best self. Grazie has a unique way of introducing an ancient, Eastern science into a Western lifestyle seamlessly, providing the education and empowerment you need to heal, and maintain your body-mind-soul equilibrium.

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