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Vata, Pitta, Kapha, which dosha are you?

Updated: May 22

First and foremost, what is a Dosha anyways? I like to describe it as forces that are responsible for a set of physiological processes in our bodies. I'll explain:

🌬️Vata, with the elements of air and space, is in charge of all the movement in the body: peristalsis, respiration, circulation, nerve conduction, and more.

🔥 Pitta, with the elements of fire and water, is in charge of the transformation in the body: metabolism, digestion, cognition, and more.

🪨 Kapha, with the elements earth and water, is in charge of the structure in the body: immunity, growth, protection, renewal, density, lubrication, and more.

We all carry these 3 doshas inside our bodies, we need all of those physiological functions, obviously, but what Ayurveda teaches us is that we usually don't have 1/3 of each dosha, (except when someone is tridoshic, it's more rare, but it does exist). What happens is that we have different proportions of the 3 doshas. For instance, one person can be 50% Pitta, 25% Vata and 25% Kapha. Another can be 60% Kapha, 30% Pitta and 10% Vata, and so on. The combinations are endless and that is why we have such unique constitutions and should be treated as such.

So the dosha you have more of it's what dominates your personality, mental and physical tendencies. And it's usually the one to watch for since it's more likely to go out of balance. I do not recommend online doshas tests as they are not accurate. For your own benefit, consult with an Ayurveda therapist and find out your prakruti or original constitution and point of equilibrium and vikruti or current constitution and imbalances for an effective treatment.

Let's list some qualities of the doshas shall we?




Art by David Szauder


Creative, inspired, energetic, quick though process, able to connect ideas, bright, intuitive

Sharp mind, good leadership, type "A" personality, doer, superb organizer

Grounded, empathetic, caring, hospitable, great focus and enjoys a stable mood


Good elimination, circulation, and respiration, acuity in the senses

Good apetite, metabolism and vision, balanced hormones

Lustrous hair and skin, strong tissues (from bones to skin, muscles...) great immunity and stamina


Anxious, easily fatigued, easily overwhelmed, ungrounded, insomniac, unstable mood, lacks focus

Critical/Judgemental, angry, irritable, envious, overly competitive, impatient, prone to burnout

Dull mind, lethargic, sedentary, stubborn, prone to sadness and depression


Dry constipation, gas and bloating, cold hands and feet, overall weakness and dryness

Acid reflux, all types of inflammation, acne and other skin issues

Lung congestion, indigestion, high blood sugar and cholesterol, fluid retention

To a balanced life!


Grazie Prokopetz, Doctor of Ayurveda



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