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  • Grazie Prokopetz

Contaminants: sensationalism or true concern?

Updated: Mar 29

There’s much debate about contaminants in food, personal use items, and products in general. There’s some consensus regarding contaminants like BPA, but more often than not, we find ourselves in the crossfire between two extreme opinions. I’ll exemplify below (note: these 2 examples do not reflect my opinion, they’re just examples)

💦 “Fluoride in drinking water is harmful“ Versus: “Don’t worry about fluoride in water as it’s only small amounts”

🍫 “Watch for lead in chocolate” Versus “Lead is part of the production process, there’s nothing to fear”

The truth is, we have a plethora of studies* showing the harmful effects of contaminants in our bodies but we just don’t know how much, for how long, said substance will affect each person, especially given our biological individuality and capacity to metabolize and excrete toxins effectively.** So either end of the debate may be rushing to hasty conclusions. What I mean is that there might be a middle ground here.

**Although we do know, is that we’re surrounded by them in our daily interactions so the collective impact may be greater than we imagine.

Things to keep in mind:

💧 If it’s something you use daily a lot of, consider buying a better quality product with less chance of contamination. For instance, I drink a lot of water and use it for cooking, so I invested on a good filter. I do a lot of home cooking daily, so I stay away from aluminum pots and utensils. I also like to have my coffee, so I buy organic whole beans and grind it at home to ensure purity. Same thing with sunscreen, I use it daily so I researched a brand with fewer possible contaminants. You get the idea.

💸 Check the source of the information: If they’re trying to sell you something, or is a page earning for engagement/subscription, be aware of sensationalism and even of the other end of the extremism: a complete dismissal of possible harmful factors.

🥦 A healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals will support your body's natural detoxification system.

🫀That being said, remember our emotions play a HUGE role in our health, so fear and anxiety about all things can be much more toxic than a bag of Dorito’s.


To a balanced life!


Grazie Prokopetz, Doctor of Ayurveda


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