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  • Grazie Prokopetz

ADHD and Ayurveda

Updated: Mar 29

ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a very real, diagnosable condition. However, certain doshic imbalances combined with environmental factors, psychological and mental traits can present symptoms similar as those of ADHD (see table below), but does not necessarily mean that child or adult carry that condition. Let me break it down:


A heightened vata imbalance can present itself as:

- Lack of focus, easily distracted, short attention span

- Forgetfulness

- Jumping from one though or activity to another

- Fidgety, impulsive

- Trouble following instructions

- Disorganization

❓What to do? Consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner to determine your doshic signature and imbalances to determine a suitable protocol.


Some factors that contribute to ADHD-like symptoms

- Vata aggravating diet and lifestyle (See 🌱 Grounding practices )

- Information overload

- Over exposure to electronic devices, phone, TV, etc

- Preservatives, pesticides and harmful chemicals in food and products

- Boredom, insufficient mental challenges (specially children in a school setting)

- Lack of exercise

❓What to do? Digital detox, sleep hygiene, consuming natural foods and products. Challenging mental activities and creative activities.


- Gifted and neurodivergent children and adults are often misdiagnosed with ADHD because of their high-powered, fast-paced brain activity.

- The psychological, emotional, socio-cultural baggage that one carries may contribute to ADHD-like symptoms

❓What to do? There are specialized professionals that can diagnose giftedness, in order to better understand how their brain function. IQ tests may help, but it is not comprehensive enough. Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be considered for the other matters.

Exclusive ADHD Symptoms*

Common ADHD and VDI Symptoms

Exclusive VDI Symptoms**

Careless Mistakes


Mental weakness/exhaustion

Does not listen when spoke to

Difficulty sustaining attention

Reluctant to engage in tasks that require mental effort

Difficulty finishing tasks


Difficulty organizing 

Feeling out of control

Looses things often


Distracted by extraneous stimuli 

Craving excitement and challenges





Difficulty engaging in leisurely activities


Often “on the go”

Talks excessively (topic “hopping")

Interrupts others speech often



Easily overwhelmed

Forgetting physiological needs

Feeling chaotic

*Symptoms may present themselves in a VDI individual but are not directly related to VDI.

** Symptoms may present themselves in a ADHD individual but are not directly related to ADHD

To a balanced life!


Grazie Prokopetz, Doctor of Ayurveda



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